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    Maren Beverung
    Consulting &

    Digitalisierung, New Work, Resource Scarcity, Climate Change.


    In order to face today’s and future challenges, the capacity for renewal and the embracing of uncertainty are essential. Potential desires to be fulfilled and realised with courage. Facts, plans and predictability are complemented by intuition, feelings and openness.


    I accompany humans to initiate change in companies which are profound and satisfying. Changes which are thrilling, inspiring and create the desire for more. Changes that are good for the company and good for the world.


    Work with the collective intelligence of a team. For more agility, creativity and motivation in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.


    • How do we want to work?
    • What drives us? 
    • What should our future look like? 


    For me, the mission of companies is to serve the well-being of humans as well as the environment and to make crucial contributions to sustainable development. This path is an ambitious one. So let us begin!