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    The Hypercycle: Themed Journeys

    Supply chains offer many opportunities for environmental and social optimisation. The Hypercycle „Co-Creating Sustainable Supply Chains“ addresses the question how supply chains can be transformed towards sustainability. We will deal with the following aspects intensively – together with representives of the whole supply chain:

    • Defining and realising the inherent purpose of the supply chain
    • Creating a true network within the supply chain: Developing and implementing new forms of cooperation among supply chain partners.
    • A human-centric view: How do working conditions in the supply chain look like?
    • Circular economy & Zero Waste: Step-by-step implementation for a minimal ecological footprint

    How can we invite more mindfulness into daily working routines? How does mindfulness impact productivity, joy at work and our relationships with other colleagues?  The Hypercycle „Mindfulness at Work“ thoroughly addresses the questions in order to increase the motivation and performance of employees.

    Dismantling of hierarchies, agile management and increasing individual responsibility are keywords of New Work. Although, how can change in these areas be achieved and maintained on a long-term basis? What aspects are yet to be established and what barriers still need to be overcome? How are self-management structures implemented successfully?